Tuesday, January 13, 2009


After more hours in transit than seemed really necessary, I am finally here.

That is, in Freiburg, Germany, my home for the next 6 weeks.

I am about to sit the German test will will allow them to divide us up into 3 streams of language classes, and two streams of culture classes... I hope not to be in the 1st level of the language course because it starts on Tuesdays at 8 am! All of the rest of the courses starts at 9 am.

I am really looking forward to learning in an immersion environment! Ficve weeks on German lesson, in Germany, should do wonders for my language skills. The lady I am staying with doesn├Ąt seem to speak English (I didn't ask), so my German has already got a work out. It seemed to be a little lacking, but the jet lag probably wasn't helping matters either... I definitely was becoming incomprehensible by the time I excused myself to go to bed last night (at 7.30pm!).

In terms of the course, this week looks like it will be mainly orientation exercises, before beginning the actual course work next week. This is good, because it will be a chance to recover from the jet lag before I try to do too much learning...

Tomorrow we have a tour of the city, and then of the University. Thursday we get paid the scholarships. Friday and Saturday we have planned excursions... Friday will will take the train to Basel in Switzerland, and Saturday we are going to Lake Titi (excellently named, I know) in the Black Forest.

I have not yet had time to organise a mobile sim card, but it looks like I should have reasonable internet access - I am currently using a computer at the uni, and can also use wireless here, and the lady I am staying with has wireless as well, but I have yet to discuss with her whether I can use it, etc.

I hope soon to be able to put up some more details about the flights etc, and hopefully some photos, but I had better go now for the test!

Love to you all, Kerryn!

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