Monday, January 19, 2009

Lessons begin, and catching up with the weekend.

Today we started our German lessons.

Our group of 33 has been divided into 3 levels of classes, though there isn't that much difference in ability between us all.

It's seems we will be mostly focussing on speaking, with all exercises expected to be completed in pairs, or groups of four. We are also going to be doing some grammar exercises, to reinforce or to learn how certain things are done.

Since my last post things have been rather hectic.

Thursday we were paid our scholarships, and then a group of us took at train to Offenburg, a nearby town, for something to do. We walked around, made a tiny snowman, took photos of things, and then came back. This took all afternoon.

On the way to Offenburg I also lost one of my gloves, and bought a new fingerless pair for €1. They are excellent for getting things out of my bag, but not so good for keeping my fingers warm. I often resort to wearing 3 gloves now, my new ones, the one old one I have left, and stick my other single-gloved hand in my pocket.

Friday was an excursion for the whole group, to Basel in Switzerland.

Saturday we had another excursion to Titisee in the Black Forest, where the lake was frozen and we got to walk across it. I hope to go back and go skating on it. We also ate Black Forest Cake with much too much cream.

Sunday we went to lunch at the house in Kirschzalten where a number of the boys in our course live. We then went to the theater and saw the opera the Valkiries, that was written by Wagner.

I could write much more about all of these things - and planned to - but there is about to be a lesson in this computer lab, I must leave!

Tomorrow we have lessons all day, so you might hear from me again on Thursday (my time)....

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